Saturday, December 30, 2006

My new babies, and a post Christmas update

These are the two new babies I got for Christmas. The first one is the HUGE Epson photo R1800 printer, and is causing me some headaches right now. I am hoping to get it figured out so I can do some serious photo printing this weekend. The second, a Nikon Speedlight 600 flash. I decided to break down and buy after my Christmas pictures didn't turn out so well. I LOVE IT!!! It has done wonders for my indoor photography, which I do a ton of. If you are struggling with indoor shots, this is definitely a must.

The last picture is what my kids awoke to on Christmas morning. It was so much fun watching them enjoy their new gifts. I love Christmas morning with my sweet ones.

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas.
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Leslie Ashe said...

WHOA!! Santa LOVED you this year!! What FAB presents you got!! We have something in common!! I got a new photo printer for Christmas too!! I just learned it totally and LOVE it. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I'm enjoying mine :)
I know where to get GREAT photo paper!! Happy New Year cutie...LOVES to you and yours!

Kimberly said...

Oooooo Havin fun with your new babies? I have that same printer and Lahooove it. If you are still have problems with it, maybe I could help ya too! :)))) xoxo