Thursday, June 21, 2007

Voting for week 2 is UP!!! Get your glimpse here!

Thanks sooooooooo much for those of you that took the time to vote for me last week. I made it into the second week, and it's time to vote again. If you click the link below, you can vote for me again, PLEASE!!! This is a glimpse of my LO, but to see it all you have to go to the gallery . My LO is the first one on the 5th row called Great Grandma's 95th birthday. Love the pics, and I'm so glad I got this challenge done.

Our trip was fabulous, and we had sooo much fun. I will be posting pics as soon as I make it through Georgia's 6th birthday party. A room full of 5 year olds acting like puppies...OH JOY!!!

Thanks again in advance for voting for me!!! I won't make it to the next round with out you!!
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Leslie Ashe said...

I voted for YOU!!!!!!!!! I LOVE your layout I don't know WHAT you're talking about!!!!