Thursday, July 26, 2007

My baby is 8, stitches, and a layout, OH MY!

Well, my sweet baby turned 8 yesterday, and I just can't believe it!!! He had a friend sleep over, and we celebrated with our traditional cake-for-breakfast. How in the world can he already be 8???? He was thrilled with his presents, which included a football, a couple of Webkinz, and his big gift, a ping-pong table.

The day after his birthday, he was doing the zipline with his friend, and fell. He literally fell right at the end of the line, but his chin must have hit a rock or stick, because it split right open. So here we are, with our first, and hopefully last, set of stitches. He was so brave, and didn't cry when he fell, or when they gave him the shot to numb his chin. He was quite the trooper, and mommy totally took it harder than he did.

And last, but not least, here is a LO I did for the challenge over at Scrapbook Lifestyles. We had to create a green layout, since Wendy's favorite color is green! It was a fun one to make, and I loved the pics of the kids playing in the creek in Salado.

Now THAT was a long post!!! Hope everyone is having a great week!!!
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Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Austin!!! 8 looks GREAT on you!! Sorry you had to have stitches...yeeeeooouuuccchhh!!! poor guy!!

LOVE your layout Amy!! Remember what I told you...I've got my eyes on you!

tammy said...

OUCHIE man! yeah that looks like it hurt, what a trooper!

very cute layout! you inspire me!
are you joining us tomorrow at R?

Lyneen said...

OUCH.... Great pics... I can see a LO brewing here.... hope it heals soon... AWESOME LO!

Rachael said...

Happy birthday to your guy!! What a cutie!! Hope he's not hurting too bad!!

Your layout is beautiful!

Jana said...

Happy belated birthday to your little man but sorry to hear about his stitches. Yeouch! Love your LO!!

Wendy Reed said...

YEOUCH, look at his poor chin! Good think kiddos are so resilient huh.