Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some projects, and a request...

The next two pics are the puppies we are trying to decide between. The first pic is a maltipoo, which is a maltese/poodle mix. These will run me about $500-$800. I just think they are adorable.

This pic is a schnoodle...schnauzer/poodle mix. I think everyone should own a puppy called a schnoodle!! Equally cute and expensive to the maltipoo. I paid $15 for Chandler 14 years ago, so this is going to be quite the shock to both me and my wallet.

This is a card I made for Katie who is the owner of the website Scrap Happy KT. She just lost her father after he had a horrible fall off a ladder. If you check her blog, you will see the addy where you can send cards to the family. Please leave her a little note to let her know you're thinking of her. She need all the strength and support she can get right now.

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Leslie Ashe said...

OMGOSH Amy, your flowers are GORGEOUS!!!!! I love them! :) Wanna make me some? PLeASE??? They'd look SO good in my scraproom!!

Your card for Katie is gorgeous :) I sent her a card today, I'm so sad for her :(

Omgosh how do you CHOOSE between those faces!!!!!!!!!! I'm going with the schnoodle!! OMG something about that smokey grey...but I also love the white poo pup too!!
I know people with BOTH and they are such GREAT animals :) I know, I'm NO help whatsoever!
This is going to be therapy for you. Trust me! I got my Duster boy 1 week after losing my 16 year old baby girl, Ashton (my tiny teacup Chihuahua). You will begin to heal and bond all at the same time :) Hugs sweet girl :)

Leslie Ashe said...

p.s. Sorry for the novel...LOL!

Sharie said...

I love your flowers and the card you made. Those puppies are way too cute, happy choosing!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment!

cannycrafter said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I can't imagine how sad you are at losing Chandler, I am approaching that stage with my dog and dreading it!
I love the schnoodle too! It's the grey cute face, your children will be thrilled whatever you decide!

~Nancy~ said...

These flowers are awesome Amy! WOoWWW! Such a great idea!!!!!! I want some too.. can you send some to my place?? whahahahahahahaha!!!

I've followed the story about Katie's dad..and I'm sooo shocked.. you're so sweet to send her a card!

And.. aww.. I'm in love with both puppies.. I'm happy I'm not the one to have to make the decision!!!! Buut.. to be honest I love the white pup the most... (but maybe that's because I'm having a maltese and she looks just like that.. hehe..)


Tammy said...

LOVE those flowers, great job girl...i am sure they will go for a lot! too cute!

I am glad to see you are thinking of getting another dog, cant wait to see which one you get and all of the cute puppy pictures!!!!!

2H Design said...

Don't choose. Go to the pound and rescue a poor dog headed for doom!

Pretty card!

Wendy Reed said...

Well girl, you already know how I feel about those flowers! ;) LOL

Both of those dogs are so wayyy cute! How are you going to decide which one you want? Might have to to eany meany miney moe! LOL They are adorable!

Thanks girl for sending Katies family a card! I know it means the world to her along with you posting about it on your blog. HUGS!!!


Lisa Dickinson said...

love those flowers amy! so flippin' cute!

and both pups are adorable! all of ours have been rescue/pound puppies, so I would be shocked at that price tag too! :) good luck with whatever you decide!

DenaCoe said...

Ok I dont even know where to start on here.

let see

first off....
The flowers are incredible. so so sooo very cute!

secondly those doggies..OMG they are just precious and I am so glad you are getting the schnoodle. he is going to be so fun to pick out a name for. What a precious lil guy! Your family is going to love him!

Last but not your card for Katie. Really really pretty!

oh and P.S.
so glad we got to catch up yesterday, I had a lot fun chatting with you :)
Hugs and have a great rest of Spring Break.

I cant wait to see pics of your family with your new puppers!!

Christi said...

love your flowers! did you use a die cut for the basic shape or cut them by hand?
would you mind if I borrowed the idea for a charity crop that I'm helping run next month?

Lily Winthrop said...

Love the name of your new puppy! Congratulations! Puppies are wonderful-a new best friend! That's great.... I love your blog.

KhrisW over at AMM