Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sing it with me..."ALL NIGHT LONG"

Yep, she did it, my sweet little pup slept from 11-8 this morning. This was, of course, after she had an accident in her crate...grrrrr! But her sleeping all night made it worth it.

I have a layout to share. This one is my kids loving NYC:

I'm working on a couple of others that I will share later this week. Hope everyone is rooting for the Caps in the hockey Stanley Cup playoffs!!!
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Wendy Reed said...

Oh my goodness! Thank the lord girl! LOL

YAY sweet little puppy!

I lovey that layout, but you already knew that. :)


Jennifer Sizemore said...

oooooh - love the layout!!!! And yes - go CAPS!!!! I am disapointed today, but at least it means I get to use my tickets next Saturday!

Aline said...

What a wonderful layout again, love the details and colors. So wonderful!!

Leslie Ashe said...

Yayyyyyyy little puppy!!!!

Beautiful layout Amy!! I have loved it the very minute you showed it to me!

But Amy...I'm sorry, gotta go with my Dallas Stars! :)


Dena said...

Fantastic layout Amy! That is just gorgeous. I love the smile on Georgia's face. What a doll.

saffiertje said...

This is such a loveey layout!!! Way too cute!


~Nancy~ said...

So happy to hear that your little pup slept that well!! WOOHOO! YAY puppy!!!! Andlove your layout... gorgeous as always! WOOHOO!!!

Kimberly said...

GORGEOUS creations girly!
YAY little puppy too! xoxo
Love ya,

MandyKay said...

hooray for the puppy giving you a break!

and i am soo excited that you are on the Sketch This team!!! congrats! i am looking forward to working with you!

walesk said...

ohhh great news about the puppy!!
congrats about sketchthis and love the layout- it's gorgeous! :)

Davinie said...

I'm glad the pup is making these easier for ya!
I hope everything is going well at your casa... haven't seen ya at SC, have I?
Anyway, I was thinking of you so wanted to pop in and say hello. xoxo