Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm such a bad blogger

but I've just been so busy! Trying to get my kiddos ready to start school next week (boo!!!!!! Where did the summer go????), and projects completed for TDX, Sketch This!, and WIP and also take care of 2 kids, clean the house, cook dinner, run the errands...and the dog, let's NOT forget the dog. OYE! I do have a few LO's that I haven't shared from Sketch This! This first LO cracks me up! Matt got the funniest pic of me freaking out while feeding the seagulls. LOL!

This second one is of my boy opening his bday presents while chatting with Daddy on the phone. This is the first year that Matt had to work on both my kids' bday mornings, so they opened presents with him on the phone.

I can't wait to share my WIP projects for this month. Loved this kit so much!! Want a little sneaky???

One more thing, if you have a little girl and you LOVE to do her hair, you must check out THIS BLOG. She does amazing things with hairstyles, and she's also doing a great give away. Please, PLEASE tell her I SENT YOU, so I can win a goodie myself!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Kimberly said...

GORGEOUS creations! :)))
Ohhhh...and it is so hard letting the kids go back to school isn't it? Ack!
Love ya girl,

Staci said...

Awesome layouts, and I love that sneak- looks gorgeous!! Thanks for the info on that blog, I will check it out! Even though chloe is not even 2, she has the hair of someone twice her age, lol. Thanks for the info on the crop, i'll let you know if I can make it, i'd really love to get together and scrap :-) Hope life calms down for you soon!

Sasha said...

Girl you soo need to go to my vid I did today and look at Noels Kits .. love them shyts girl .. muah .. cant way to see your juicyness for our next challenge honey bear

Leslie Ashe said...

HEYYYYYYYy you! Love ya! Ok your layouts are to DIE for!

I can't WAIT to see your SNEAKY!