Wednesday, March 04, 2009

2 posts in one week. WOOHOO!!

Sharing some snow pics here, a la Kelly Purkey.
Look how cute my sweet boy is. He's got the jump down. He had a ball in the snow, of course.

Now, my sweet pup, Lily, is a jump master. Look at that height! We are getting a trainer to help with the jumping, wish us luck.

Don't look too close, because the pic of me is quite unpleasant. I haven't mastered the cuteness of Kelly just yet. (:

Of course, Lily playing in the snow comes with a price. It globs onto her fur, which means I have to melt it off with a hairdryer. Talk about loads of fun for both of us.

We had so much fun with this snow, and it was welcomed, but now I'm ready for spring. Bring it ON!
Lastly, here is my LO for TDX. I'm calling this the LO that almost didn't happen. It killed me to do a monochromatic LO, I just couldn't wrap my brain around it. Thanks Div, for the challenge. Now you guys get over there and join in.

Have a great Wednesday!
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Nicole said...

you should have no fear about monochromatic...the one you did looks awesome, AMy!! =)

Niella said...

Hi from New Zealand!

I have just discovered your wondrous blog thru a link via a post on SIStv!

I a d o r e your layouts! I love clusters on my pages as well:)

(: Niella