Wednesday, April 08, 2009

More WIP stuff.....

Here are the rest of my layouts for Work in Progress. Trish really outdid herself this month. I could have made millions of layouts with it. This is one of my kiddos during blackbelt testing.

This is Georgia and her friend during the talent show.

Love the pic of Lily and I that Matt shot.

Speaking of Lily, I want to know how in the world something as cute as this:

can do this to my phone?????

Yep, that my friends, is the battery cover to my cell phone, that Lily was caught chewing up. Oh the JOY of a dog!

One of my fave hair blogs is doing a great giveaway. Click here to check it out!

Hope everyone has a great Easter. We are headed to the beach to visit fam.
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Sasha said...

Love love love your LOs! And the photos on the blackbelt LO are fabulous. And that sweet little muffin of a dog....I have one too that just looks like a princess but she can just be a little devil!

Anonymous said...

LOVE what you have done with the Pink Paislee. love it.
I can't believe what your dog did to that battery!
Have a wonderful easter!

Davinie said...

Hey, what happened! That post was me.

casey boyd said...

The battery cover cracks me up, that is something that would happen in our house.

Loved all those layouts, you have been busy:)

Trish said...

Love your layouts, Amy! Have a wonderful Easter, too!! Sorry about your phone...

MollyPeckham said...

I am loving your layouts, Amy!!! Seriously, awesome!