Monday, June 01, 2009

SOOOOOOOO Excited!!!

I am aware that I am NOT a teenager, but I am dying for this movie to come out! I am a huge Edward fan, and can't wait to be the first in the theater for this one.

Here are a few of my WIP for June. This kit is amazing. If you don't have one yet, you should so get one!

I am out of school, and am trying to make a purge/cleaning schedule, so I can get things done while I'm off work. Any tips???

Wanted to share a pic of my long-haired hockey boy! He scored 17 goals in his game this weekend. Watch out, Ovechkin!!!

Have a great Mon!
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Larajc said...

super colorful cards and layouts! Love the one with the muted watercolor paper! Amazing. Congrats to yyour little hockey player...17 goals in a weekend...he is a STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

wow this twilight thing is everywhere

and I the only one who hasn't seen it?

Denise said...

I know you won't believe this (yeah right), but I am not a teen either and I cannot wait for New Moon. They need to up the schedule of the movie releases, so we don't have to wait so long.

Beautiful projects you have posted. They make me want to go home and scrap immediately. That's a good thing!

Stephanie Vetne said...

Beautiful projects!!!

And I loved the Twilight book series, but the first movie did nothing for me. I know, I know - I'm the only one on earth that feels this way. tee hee - hoping I like the second one better!

Kimber-Leigh said...

love that last layout!!!

i'm trying to organize and clean too...i think making a list helps...and then setting a time limit for certain tasks followed by a little break...i still work best for rewards :)

Staci said...

Wow he has gorgeous hair! Totally digging how you used the new BG! And i'm so with you about New Moon! I'm on book 3 right now and am loving the series!!