Monday, July 27, 2009

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good:

I can't believe that this boy is 10!!! He is such an amazing kid, and I so don't deserve him. I hope that he knows he is my heart and soul. He truly deserves the best!

Here is a pic from his party, which was a hockey party of course. I talked him into having a floor hockey party instead of ice hockey, since not all of his buds can ice skate.

He's wanted a touch for a few months now. We had told him he would have to help pay for it, but then I HAD to just get it as a surprise. He looked in the bag before I had a chance to snap the pic, so here he is feigning surprise, LOL!

The Bad:

That would pretty much sum up my life at the moment. Family issues, scrap stuff, the list just goes on. I did have a little run-in with my 2 holly trees in my yard. I will say that neither of us won and tree-trimming is not on my list of skills. I went a little far with the trimming, to say the least.

The Ugly:

While I was trimming said holly trees, I felt this little brush at my ear. I assumed it was a bug and swatted it away. Then I started feeling fluttering down in my ear. I knew a moth had flown into my ear. I got online and started looking for remedies to get the bug out--warm water should do the trick. I had Matt fill up my ear, which was quite the party b/c it creeps me out to put stuff in my ear, and sure enough the bug floated right up. Not the moth that I was sure was in my ear, but an itty-bitty knat. It sure made a lot of ruckus for such a small knat.

Wanted to share a LO as well. This is one of me and my furbaby, who is going to be the death of me. I used the magistical memories heart border here along with the yummy studio calico kit to create it. Magistical is having a huge, HUGE sale, so head over there and pick up some chipboard.

Speaking of SC, there was also this which helped me get through my crummy day yesterday. I was so siked!!! (can't believe I just used the work siked)

Thanks for stopping by. I am going to do a giveaway here shortly. I am currently cleaning out my supplies and have some yummy stuff that could be yours, so make sure to check back!
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Larajc said...

Let's see if I can say it all right...I hope your sweet son had a lovely hockey party/birthday. SOrry about the tree trimming and the knat (yikes, awful for you) and such a fun layout and I really like the heart border...I am off to check out where I can get me one of them! Hope you week is awesome!

Allison W said...

That layout is way too cute and happy birthday to your son! I can't believe a knat flew in your ear YIKES! I would have freaked out. I'm glad he's out now.

Nicole said...

gorgeous layout and congrats on the SC recognition!! =)

lisa d said...

ok i'm shivering right now thinking of ear-invading gnats :) i would've FREAKED.

Zorina said...

Happy Birthday to your cool & good-looking son! He looks so playful and fun to be with.
Your LO is pretty! I like it.
Will come back and check you out again soon.

vtpuggirl said...

Cute layout, congrats on SC! Sorry about the bug in your ear, if it makes you feel better I usually have at least on person in the spring and one in the summer come in to my office for the same problem.

~Nancy~ said...

OMG.. such a scary story to have a bug crawling into your ear... brrrrr.. I'm totally shivering right now!!

And wow.. such a great present you guys got for son... look at his face.. so awesome that you were able to capture that!! hehe..

And yay on SC!!!! Congrats!

love your layout!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

what a great guy eh :D :) love love your layout.. the bug, not so much! LOL..

Josh and Becca said...

Amy - I love this layout and picture of you! It is so much fun!