Sunday, May 23, 2010

Camping, my way.

This post is very photo heavy...hang in there with me.  If you know me at ALL, you know that camping is NOT something I do.  Ever.  My girl's brownie troop was going camping at our troop leader's lake house, and since we would be able to use the house as needed, I agreed to go.  So, we loaded up the girlies, and my friend, Jolene, and I headed out for quite the camping experience.

Here Jolene and I are pitching the tent.  We put up four of these...and were very proud of ourselves.
This is the pics of the house.  It was stunning...amazing, and I wanted to stay here forever.  We pitched the tents in the yard that you see here.
This is our view from the house.  I told you it was amazing.
The girls did plenty of this...
and plenty of this...
Even though it rained, and the gal in the sweet pic below threw quite a fit b/c of lack of sleep, and I'm a walking zombie today b/c of aformentioned lack of sleep (sleeping on the ground is not fun for anyone), I'd do it all over again for her:
Will I go camping ever again?  You better believe it will be a cold day in...well you know the rest.  Will I go back to Chestertown for my style of camping???  In a heartbeat.  It was so much fun, and I got to hang out with some of my favorite peeps ever.  We have a fabulous troop, and I adore each and every one of them!

Have to send a huge hug to my friend, Karen! :)

I also wanted to share my other 2 layouts I made with the kit from Mosh Posh's  May kit.  I adored this kit, as it contained some of my fave paper from my fave company, Lily Bee Designs.  This first one is about Georgia and how hard it is for me to watch her deal with the hard parts of life.

This is a fun one about my visit with my mom and step-dad.  Such fun!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Not looking forward to Monday, ugh.

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Keshka said...

Love the pages and what an AWESOME house! I showed it to my hubby, and he said,"that's it, we are moving out of new york":)

Larajc said...

seriously cute layouts and love that you spent time camping...but I agree on the sleeping on the ground....

meganklauer said...

So much fun & love those layouts! Your pictures are always so beautiful!

Christa said...

Love your layouts!
I'm with you on the camping-won't and can't do it!! But in that house? Sign me up!!

AllyW said...

That house is awesome!!! When can i move in. Fun pages. Love the bright colors.