Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day, and some sneaks.

Happy Memorial Day to all the service men and women!  My step-father, pictured first, fought in Vietnam, my grandfather, shown celebrating his 90th bday fought in WW2, my father-in-law, pictured last fought in Vietnam.  My other grandfather also fought in WW2, may he rest in peace.  I am so proud to call each one of them my family.

It's sneak time for Mosh Posh's June Kit and it's one amazing kit.  I've done 3 layouts, and have a couple more on the table.  It's definitely one of my faves so far, but I think I say that every month don't I?

It's almost the end of school for me.  My kiddos go until the end of June.  Not cool for anyone.  Hope you're having a great Monday, and a blessed Memorial Day.  Make sure you thank those that have fought for our country.
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Kimber-Leigh said...

happy memorial day to you! what a privilege it is to be able to thank those who have served for our freedom and to remember those who gave their lives for it.

(wonderful sneaks, btw!)