Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flipflop fun!

So Georgia and I participated in a flipflop exchange and got our packages this weekend.  Look at the cool flops we got:

Mine came from my favorite place, Texas, from Allison along with some chips and salsa that I LOVE!

Georgia's came from Utah, from Hannah who is the sweet girl of the oh so fab Jen.  Georgia's came with glow bracelets, popsicle molds, candy, which you can see she enjoyed immensly, and a great letter.  It was so much fun doing the swap, and I hope our partners loved it as much as we did.

These pics are from Georgia's bday.  She got to pick where we went, and she picked Guapo's.  We met some of our fave people there, and had a ball.  Look how great these pics are:
She wasn't having too much fun.  I'm so glad she loved it because she woke up Friday morning with strep.  We are now on antibiotics and much better.

Thanks for all the comments!  I've been trying to make sure I am commenting on blogs more b/c I just love reading comments so I figure other's do as well. :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend. 
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Becca said...

Awesome flip flops! Thanks for participating!!


Tanya Tahir said...

hehe so much fun!

Jocelyn said...

Love the pics...and those flip flops are adorable!!!

Have a great one!!!

Alli said...

They look cute on your feet! And I'm glad you like the chips and salsa...I bought some for me too when I was there. :)

Mel said...

Adorable flips!

Larajc said...

cute flipflops, what a great idea! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Staci said...

oh how fun is that! i think i want to do a flip flop exchange lol! great pics from georgia's b-day celebration, too - i especially love that one of her in the hat!

Keshka said...

These pics are so cute! Love the theme!

Jen @ said...

Happy Birthday Georgia! thanks again for all of the great flip flop exchange goodies. Hannah has been wearing her flip flops nonstop! We blogged about how fun they were today --