Friday, September 24, 2010

I guess I'm going to be a Friday kind of blogger??

My weeks are just flying by!  With work, sports, and school I just can't find the time to hop on here.  I am totally copying my sweet friend, Waleska, and posting bullet style randomness:
  • Baseball is in full swing, and Austin is loving it.  Hockey starts this week, so be thinking of me as I'm driving to the baseball field, or the hockey rink, or the baseball field, or the hockey rink............
  • I LOVE my new school!  I am having the best time with my kiddos.  I didn't realize how much I missed being able to really teach.  Now, check me in Dec, when I'm sure I'll be DONE!
  • Things are slow in the scrappy department.  I've tried out for a few teams that I didn't make, but I know that means that there is something else out there for me.  It's waiting for it that's making me sad.
  • The new kit from The Story Matters will be revealed soon, and it's fabulous!  I have a few more sneaks that I will share soon.
  • I'm hosting the TSM blog next week, so be sure to stop by. 
  • I'm hoping for a big win this weekend from the Cowboys!  We aren't off to a very good start.
  • The Caps are ROCKIN' in preseason, which makes me beyond excited for this year's season!!!
  • I might have teared up a bit when watching Grey's...I am just so happy that this show is back on.
OK, now for some pics!  First up, a few more TSM Oct sneaks:
This has been such a great kit to work with!  I am loving it!

And I must share one of me teaching my kiddos.  Their faces are blurred out obviously:

Have a great rest of your Friday!!!

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waleska said...

don't you just love bullet randomness? they're my favorite :)

the peeks are awesome! I can't wait to see the full pages...

have a wonderful weekend!!

beckyjune said...

I am so glad that things are working out for you at the new school! It's great to see you scrapping!♥

Jocelyn said...

I love this post...I have to try this out!!! are super busy.....lots of driving there Mom!!!

Love the sneak and the pic of you with the kiddos is just adorable!!!

Have a great weekend.....

*reyanna klein* said...

Awww... I'm so glad you're loving teaching there! Yay! Looks awesome. I SO miss working with kids. I'm thinking of going back to gymnastics... maybe just to work reception instead of the hardcore coaching. LOL. :-p

And fun... hockey!!! My sister played hockey, and I was her biggest fan. I went to every game, and I LOVED going! I hope my kids play some day... LOL.

Love your sneaks too! :-)

Christa said...

Look at you at your school? Are you teaching in Fairfax? That's where I am!
I hear you on the rejection-lots of it for me lately too. But something is out there, right?!

Sarah Webb said...

Wonderful sneaks! Can't wait to see the whole show. I feel the same way about pubs. I just haven't had anything picked up (ever!). Hang in there, it's bound to happen! You are talented!

Jennifer said...

LOVE your sneaks and the photo of you teaching is super cute!!

Sasha Holloway said...

You are just amazing girl. You have so many positive things going on for you and look at you with yoru students AACK ..

you are about to be one back and forth Diva with your badge of honor attached to your forehead with all those sports going on .. and I bet you are going to be smiling the WHOLE TIME ..

LOVE this sneaks girl .. and Amy thank you for always being a friend to me and supporting me **wink**

Linda Barber said...

You are amazing! Rocking more than one kit! I can barely do my one kit! LOL! Love the pic of you and the kiddos. They are so into the story you are telling. Too cute!