Saturday, November 06, 2010

No hockey for us, and Christmas Cards!!!

So, we were thrilled when Austin was selected to play on PeeWee Select this year.  It's his first year in the PeeWee league, and for him to get picked for select is a BIG DEAL!  Our first practice was to learn all about checking, because select is a checking league (for those of you that don't know hockey, that means they are allowed to run into each other), and it is happening as we speak.  Why am I not there you ask?  Because my sweet boy started running a fever last he is missing his first select practice and a regular game.  We are so sad.  He asked if I could give him medicine so he'd feel well enough to play this morning, sweet boy.  Hopefully he'll feel better when he wakes up, because our first select game is tomorrow.  Send us healing vibes (and goal-scoring vibes) QUICKLY!

Now, onto something more positive, Christmas Cards.  I have to say, I've used Shutterfly for the past few years, and have always just loved the quality of their cards.  They ship fast, and make sending out cards easy as it can be.  This year, I will definitely be using them again! They have some amazing new designs this year...there's certainly something for everyone!

This is one of my favorite styles this year.  I love that you can add multiple pictures, because honestly, who has one picture where the WHOLE family actually looks good?  There are so many other designs that you can look through here.  You are certain to find at least one, or fifty that you love!
 If you are lucky enough to have one spectacular photo to use on your cards, then I would love to use this:

Shutterfly just has the best selction of designs for your holiday cards.  Really, take a look here to see what I'm talking about.

I know that my family and friends love to know what's been going on during the year, and Shutterfly has created the most amazing cards to do just that.  I love this design:

Multiple photos and room to write?  What's not to love?  Look at all the other Christmas Story Cards they have to choose from.

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere that your fall is just gorgeous, take advantage of the beautiful scenery, and get a jump on the busy holiday season by sending out fall cards.  How beautiful are these?

They have plenty more fall cards to choose from here.

And don't forget their wonderful selection of calendars:

These are high quality, and so easy to do!  Defintely check them out here.

This year, I think I am pretty settled on this design, although I do keep changing my mind:

How cute are those dots? 
Definitely check out Shutterfly, because they are having an awesome sale right now on their site.  You will not be disappointed.

Hope everyone has a great weeknd. 
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Ally said...

You should be Shutterfly's new spokesperson! But you're right, they are cute cards!

mborrero said...

Love the cards....

Jamie Lane said...

Love the Christmas cards! Congrats on the hockey - hope he feels better soon! :)

Virginia said...

super cute - i have been looking for a site to buy our christmas cards from this year so will definitley check it out

Jocelyn said...

Oh sorry to hear that he had a fever...hoping he will be better soon!!!


Keshet said...

These are all so fun! Hope your poor boy feels better soon!

Sherri said...

Sending good vibes your way. Funny you should write about Shutterfly, I was on their site for about an hour last night putting together an 8x8 photobook. I just love their stuff! You'll have to let us know which design you settle on for your xmas card.