Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The first day of school

or I could title this post, embarrassing trip to L&D, only to be sent home after determining that I am not in labor.  Joy.  It looks like this boy is staying put until I evict him on the 15th.

The kiddos started school today, 6th grade and 4th grade.  They are so big, and were not happy about posing for pics.  It was rainy, so their pregnant mom was happy that she got to stay inside and take pics, instead of going over to the school with everyone else. ;)  Look how cute they are:
Also wanted to share a layout I created this weekend.  I was 34 1/2 weeks here, and you can only imagine how huge I am now at 38 weeks. 

Hope your Tuesday is happy!

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Allison said...

They are both so cute and I'm sure thrilled that they could take a picture at home instead of at school :)

Love your page and your belly!

Mary Jo said...

You are so close!
Great page :)

Ursula said...

love the layout and that angle on the belly! They are cuties! So funny how they don't want to pose.

em said...

:) I am so excited for your little guy to come!! Are you still thinking about natural birth?!

Christa said...

I adore that layout!! How cute!

I was also not happy about the rain, but we had a small break in the rain to make them go outside!
Sending you labor vibes for this week!

Michelle said...

Hoping that boy of yours makes his appearance soon!! I can imagine how uncomfortable you are!

beckyjune said...

LOVE the belly shot and hope you are doing great, Amy. I can't wait to see your cute baby :D