Sunday, January 01, 2012

Whew, what a great Christmas!

I know, it's been awhile, but I decided to make the most of my family during the holidays, and just spend time away from the computer.  We had a wonderful Christmas.  I won't bore you with lots of pictures, but I do have a few I want to share. 

This is our Christmas Eve headed to mass shot:

Here are my sweet babies on Christmas Eve:

This totally blew me away Christmas morning:

I love this pic of me and Davis Christmas day.  He was sporting his adorable outfit from Aunt Misty.

I've been able to do some scrapping as well.  I got the January kit from The Sampler, and it is amazing.  It is packed with lots of good stuff.  Here's a peek of my box, all packed...

and a peek of the first layout I did: 

This is an amazing kit, I know you'll love it as much as I do! 

I can not believe it is 2012, I mean where in the world did 2011 go?  I will be back soon with a recap post of my crazy 2011, and my one little word for 2012.  I'm still working on picking my word.  Hope your New Year's Eve and Day were wonderful!

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em said...

You look wonderful! Happy New Year!

Susan Beth said...

Your son and mine have similar hair cuts - this longer hair is new to our family, so I am noticing it everywhere! Love your photos and the kit looks wonderful!

Margrethe said...

Congrats on getting a Macbook Pro! :D

One Life Documented

Cheryl Leong said...

Me hoping to get that MacBookPro... *o*

Michelle Lanning said...

awe - look at you little one! Congrats and Merry Christmas!

meganklauer said...

First of all, you look awesome!
You are going to LOVE your MacBook! I just got the same one a few weeks ago!
It's so true what they say "once you go Mac you never go back!" Hee! Enjoy!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I can't believe it is 2012 either! And I did a computer/blogging break over the holidays as well. It was so nice and relaxing :)
Great family photos!

jamie long said...

great photos, I am so jealous of your present!