Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My 7 month old

I just can't believe it, but he is really 7 months old, or was on the 15th. :)  He is such a blessing, and pretty darn cute, too!

This is the first month I was able to take pics outside, and with him sitting up on his own.  He is growing soooooo fast!  Here are some stats:

He's about 19 1/2 lbs, give or take.
Eating solids twice a day, and is doing pretty well with it.
Can sit up on his own for a pretty long time, but still topples.
Refuses to roll from his back to front, so we are still stationary, which is a good thing for me.
Talks like crazy!  He can say dada, and babbles almost all day.
Has one bottom tooth just poking through.
Is the worst sleeper on the planet.  He averages about 4 times per night, but we've had some nights where we're up 6-7 times.  FUN!
Naps are hit or miss, and usually not longer than 45 min-an hour.  FUN!
Is the best snuggled and gives me the greatest kisses, as seen below:

Melts my HEART!!  When we were home, we were able to take pictures in the bluebonnets. I'll post more soon, there are some great ones!

A quick scrappy share.  This layout was created using the March kit from The Sampler.  I have a post that'll be up tomorrow on their blog here using the gorgeous April kit.

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

He is sooooooooooooo PRECIOUS! I loveeeeeeeeee the photos and loving your lo!! LOVING the stars and the colors!

Meghann said...

What a cutie! Love that bluebonnet pic! Sad that I missed the opportunity to see them here in TX!