Monday, October 20, 2014

Oh, Monday!

Well, after a good weekend of awesome hockey and soccer games, we're back to good 'ole Monday.  I may not be Monday's biggest fan, but I am determined to face it head on and get it done.

I am adding a new post each week, and will be doing a Friday Favorites post each week.  I'm hoping to be more active here on the blog, and so will doing more fashion, parenting (or parenting fails, which seems to be more my style) as well as scrapbooking.  We'll see how it goes.

I had a project up on the Paper Issues blog yesterday featuring the October Swag Bag.  I love getting this little bag of fun each month, and this month was fabulous!

Here's my layout.  I designed it around the tag that was included in my bag, which was perfect for these pictures I had.

Here are some closeups. 

If you want an October Swag Bag for yourself, head right on over to the Paper Issues shop to pick yours up.  Make sure to use my code 20withamy to get 20% off your swag bag and everything else you purchase.

Hope you are enjoying your Monday!!

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