Friday, December 05, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by for some of my Favorites I've found this week This week is going to be all about Target.  We all love us some Target, don't we? Here's some things that I found at my store this week that made my list.

First up, there's this. I just love this planner!

I have always loved stars, and might have gasped when I saw this at Target.

I am loving this Tom's Infinity scarf!

These are actually online only, but I am loving that cute bow on the side.

For my paper crush this week, I want to share this layout by my friend Sasha Farina. She, my friends, is pure talent.  I love all she creates, and feel fortunate to call her my friend.

I told you, pure genius right??  Have a happy weekend!!

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Cat W said...

I totally had my eye on that wooden star from Target too! But my crazy "I wonder if I could DIY this" train of thought kicked in and so I did not get it. Maybe I will see it on clearance eventually and it will come home with me. A girl can only hope!

Ashley said...

That scarf looks super comfortable!

Darcy said...

LOVE that planner! Im on the hunt for one for next year!