Thursday, February 19, 2015

Friday Favorites 2/20

Thanks for dropping by my blog today.  Today marks the beginning of our high school hockey playoffs, so I'm hopping to see many of these victory laps. Love this picture that our high school photographer captured from one of our games.

This next pic is not really a favorite.  I tried it with hopes that it'd make a huge difference, but not so much.

I tried using it after I curled my lashes, before I added my mascara and that didn't work.  Then I tried using it first, then curling my lashes and adding my mascara.  That was a little better, but still not much of a difference. It just didn't add anything extra to my lashes, which I was so hoping for.

I jumped on the oils bandwagon, and I wanted to wait a bit so I could give you an opinion on what I thought.  These two oils have gotten me through a pretty tough winter. And coffee, lots of coffee.  I decided to go with Young Living oils, and got their premium starter kit, and have really enjoyed them so far.  I love Thieves, Frankincense, and Stress Away. Raven has been especially helpful in keeping colds at bay for all of us. So I am enjoying discovering how they can benefit my family, and am looking forward to learning more.

I just love these new cut files that Ashley released this week, I can't wait to use that heart circle. Check out all of the amazing cut files Ashley has created at The Cut Shoppe.

I made this recipe this week, and I loved it! I used cheddar cheese this time around, but I'll try it with swiss next time.

This is my paper crush this week.  I just adore Lilith's work, her pages are always such a breath of fresh air.

We had some good snow this week, and Davis just loved it!  We spent a ton of time outside, even though it was in the teens, BRRRRRRR!!  This is why I'm now needed Thieves and Raven now, I'm sure, but it's totally worth it.

Thanks for stopping by today, and I'm linking up with these wonderful gals.

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Elaine Welte said...

I've been wanting to jump on the oils bandwagon forever! Why have I not jumped yet?!?!? Stopping by from Friday Favorites! Hope you have a great weekend!

Brittany said...

That swiss cheese chicken! I may have to put that on my menu plan for next week!