Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favorites on Friday the 13th.

So here we are, Friday the 13th.  I am slightly superstitious, so today I'll be laying low, keeping my kids low with me.  Actually I'll be at a hockey tournament this evening, so as soon as I make it to the tournament, I'll be good.  Now, since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, this post is about love. Or things I love.  Or would love if I celebrated Valentine's Day.  It's definitely not my favorite of holidays.

First up, how cute are these earrings? I would wear the HECK out of these, hint hint to my hubby.

If I did celebrate Valentine's Day, I would wear this.

I am thinking that I might try some new skin care stuff.  I would love to try Glymed Plus, but I can't find it in my area.  When I checked the website it said not to buy it from any place online, which makes me need it that much more. Do you have a favorite skin care line or product?  I need something a little more advanced that what I've been doing I think.

Can you tell what I purchased this week?  I had to have some Hunters for the spring, even though I really didn't need to spend that much on rain boots.  They sure do make me happy. :)

Paper crush this week is one heck of a talented scrapbooker, Nicole Nowosad.  Her projects always wow and inspire me all at once.  I loved this page that she posted.

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Thanks for stopping by the blog, hope you have a SAFE Friday the 13th and a great Valentine's Day.

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Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

I love the color Hunters you got! It is so hard to pick just one color right??

Katie C said...

The hunter boots are so pretty! I've got a pair currently in my Amazon shopping cart, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. And that scrapbook page was just beautiful! Thanks for linking up with us again at H54F!!

Katie @ Cup of Tea

Caitlin said...

Ahh I've been wanting hunter boots, too. ( I mean who doesn't really?) I love the color you picked! Maybe I will make a splurge soon :)

Thanks for linking up with H54F!

Caitlin @ Coffee with Caitlin

Nicole Nowosad said...

Just stopping by to catch up on your blog and notice you picked my page!! Thanks so much Amy! :) I am totally flattered !