Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites 3/20/15

I am so happy that it'll be spring tomorrow!  Although we are getting snow today, tomorrow is going to be in the 60s, YAY!!  Here are a few of my favorites for this week.

I NEED THIS! They don't make them like they used to, do they?

I love these sneaks from Sperry.

This might be a dress I could wear in the spring, I usually don't have good luck with dresses, but we'll see.

I might try this liner to help brighten up my eyes, lord knows I'll take all the help I can get!!

My paper crush this week is from Tara Elias, I just love the stunning simplicity of her page.

I have to post a pic of my sweetest bonus baby boy. We've had a rough few days, the terrible three's are getting to us both.  He is trying to find his voice, and pushing his limits as well.  We will get through this, but it is slow going right now. I'm not sure who cries more right now, him or me?!

Thanks so much for visiting today, I'm linking up with these fab gals!

Have a great weekend!!

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1 comment:

Jo-Lynne Shane said...

Great picks. I especially like those Sperry sneaks.