Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites 4.10.15

This started out as quite a crappy week, but happily it's Friday and things are looking so much better!!!  My middle kiddo started throwing up at 4 AM Easter morning, and I ended up with poison ivy on my face. Blah. It's finally starting to go away, I don't know how something can be SO ITCHY!!!  We ended up celebrating Easter on Monday, because Easter was not good.  Davis is still too young to get it, so he was just fine getting his Easter basket on Monday morning. 

Now onto some of my favorites from this week. First, I adore this photo. I'll tell you, this kid is quite the sugar hog, he couldn't wait to eat some of his Easter candy.

I'm thinking I really want these flats, but they're so expensive.

I finally settled on a pair of white pants. These from Loft were perfect for me. I love that they're relaxed, which is totally my summer vibe.

I'm looking for some new skincare, because my skin has seen better days.  Obviously, the poison ivy has taken it's toll on me, and I feel like I need some serious over 40 skin HELP! I saw this post on another blog, and I am thinking this might be just what I need.  I am getting a sweepstakes entry on her blog for posting about it, and the reviews are really great so I'm thinking this might do the trick.
Here's my paper crush this week.  She's very well known around the scrapping world because she is the owner of the best scrapbook store out there, Paper Issues!!  If you need anything, she's got it or she'll get it for you.  Her shipping is quick, and the customer service is top notch.  Oh, and she's super talented! I obviously LOVE ME some Cassie Box!!

Fabulous, right??

I am linking up with these ladies today.

Have an awesome weekend, we're off to the circus!!  WOOHOO! 
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Kate Danielle said...

Love the cute white pants! Please come link up with me

Erin said...

Oh my gosh that Peeps picture is so much fun! Looks like an ad for Peeps :-)

Cat W said...

Oh that is such a bummer about the Easter illness and poison ivy! But it looks like he was doing much better by Monday, so that's good. I feel you on the skin thing... mine has pretty much gone crazy since I had my second son and I keep going from product to product and nothing seems to be helping. Hopefully I can find something soon. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!