Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Favorites 4.17.15

So I have to say that this post totally snuck up on me.  For some reason, this week did not go by as planned, and I didn't get a chance to blog at ALL.  So, on to some of my favorites from this week.

I'm thinking of trying out this Burt's Bees line, after seeing it on Kate's blog.  She's one of my favorite beauty bloggers.  I just love her taste.

I finished up Friday Night Lights on Netflix, and I am in serious mourning.  It really brought a piece of home to me every time I watched it, which I feel so silly saying, but I just loved it that much. Watching that show and Gilmore Girls, which was another favorite of mine, have left me with nothing left to watch. Any suggestions of a good series on Netflix?

This necklace was one of my purchases this week that I loved.  Lately, I'm spending more time sending stuff back so I was happy that this was a keeper.

These flip flops were just as perfect as my style guru Sheaffer promised.

My paper crush this week is Monika Glod. I am a huge fan of hers, I love her attention to details and her eye for beautiful color.  Look how fabulous this page is.

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Hope you have a wonderful Friday and an awesome weekend!

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The Boutelle Family said...

I haven't made it all the way through Friday Night Lights, but I LOVE Gilmore Girls! I just finished Heart of Dixie & that was pretty cute too. A little cheesy, but cute & actually filmed on the same set as Gilmore Girls!

Michelle StClair said...

Mike and I have still not gotten over FNL. We loved it so!

After that, we started/finished Parenthood, which was also great! Sad that is done too.

I am now watching Grey's Anatomy. I never watched it when it was on tv. I am on season 5 and love it.