Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Stitch Fix November Review

I'm trilled to share my latest Stitch Fix, which was actually my 24th fix.  I'm obviously hooked! Even if I don't love every piece, it's still like Christmas to open up and see what someone else has picked out for me.

If you haven't heard about Stitch Fix, you can get all the info here.  Basically you pay $20, fill out a style profile, and a stylist picks out 5 items based on your profile to send to you.  Your $20 fee goes towards what you keep, and you send back what you don't like in the prepaid envelop.  It's so easy and so much fun to try on new stuff that you might not have picked out on your own. If you decide to try, and use  my link. I get a little thank you to use towards my next fix. Trust me, I appreciate everyone that helps fund my Stitch Fix addiction.

Let's take a peek what was in my box this time around. I requested a cute winter coat (check), a red scarf (check), some black jeans (check) and a fancy top to wear with jeans/pants for a holiday party (nope).

I squealed when I opened my box.  It was packed much neater, but my 14 year old tore into it before I could snap a quick pic.

Here's the style card.

I grabbed the coat first, I couldn't wait to try it on!  I had requested a cute winter coat and they delivered with this light grey down coat.

I loved it when I put it on, but it was a bit too tight across my chest, so I wouldn't be comfortable wearing bulky stuff under it.

Thankfully they were able to do an exchange for me, and I can't wait to wear my new coat to all the hockey games I have to go to! Definitely a keeper.

Next, I tried on this shirt.

How cute is the back??

Wasn't so cute on.  It was ok, but nothing special.  It was also hand wash only, who has time for that???

The back was very cute, but not enough for me to keep it. This was a return.

Then I threw on the scarf.

I liked it, but I've seen other red scarves I liked better so this was a return.

I saved this for last, because I knew I would love it.

I was right, LOVE!!

Totally my style, plus it has "poncho-like" arms, double thumbs up! Ignore the face, my husband was totally making fun of me by this point.

This was the last item in my box.

They were HUGE, and so I didn't even take a picture in them.  I loved the wash, but the fact that they were at least 3 sizes too big was just too much for me. Return.

I was thrilled with this fix, and I can't wait to get my December fix.  I am trying to do one a month, but I might not make it until the end of December.

Thanks for checking out my latest fix, and remember I'd love for you to use my link if you decide to try out Stitch Fix for yourself.  I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do.

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