Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Favorites 12.11.15

I'm sure you are as busy as I am, and I can't believe how quickly the Holidays are coming!  I am about half-way through my massive todo list, and I have to say that my planner is coming in handy by keeping my lists contained.  Let's share some of my favorites for this week.

I am thinking this shirt would be perfect to wear after my Christmas feast-it's super flattering!

I would love to wear these shoes on New Year's Eve, although they might not be appropriate for the hockey rink, which is where I'm ringing in the New Year. #hockeylife

Please Matt, if you get me ANYTHING for Christmas, make it this mug. It is my mantra for the New Year.

I missed out on this sweater dress, it was already way gone in my size when I spotted it on Jolynne's blog, but I'm hoping to find one similar for the winter.  LOVE!

I mentioned my planner earlier, and I have been having a ball using it to keep my stuff organized.  Here's a quick peek of how my December is playing out so far.

I am using the Simple Stories Carpe Diem planner, and I used their Claus & Co. line to decorate.

Bonus favorite this week, we had my husband's company Christmas party this weekend, and it was so nice to dress up and go out with my hubby.  Here's a quick selfie I made him take before we headed out to celebrate.

Happy to be linking up here today:

Hope your weekend is amazing!!

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Alexis Rochester said...

That mug is super cute! I can't believe how close Christmas is, this month is just flying by way too fast! Happy Friday!

Alexis @

Erin said...

Even your planner looks adorable! Seriously! How festive are those days? My problem with calendars and planners is that I inevitably stop writing things down in them and try to store it all in my head. Life would probably be a lot more organized if I made a little effort in that department!

The Siberian American said...

Love that top, and I really need that mug! SO cute!